Annes Gems is a family owned business that has been crafting platinum, gold and sterling silver jewelry in the greater Richmond, Virginia area since 1966.  During 1964 and 1965, Haig, Sr. gave his son, Haig Jr. jewelry making lessons.  By October 10, 1975 Haig Jr. received a Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America.  In November 1979 Haig Kambourian, Sr. retired leaving the business to his son, Haig Jr.  During the period between 1972 and 1979, Haig Jr. became the diamond buyer for the concern and took over all the appraisal work.  During the 1970's Haig Jr. studied diamond grading and colored stones and gem identification.  He set up a complete gem laboratory at each of his locations, where either he or a GIA trained Gemologist did all the appraisal work and pricing of diamonds and colored stones, as well as the buying and selling of gemstones of every description.  In May of 1985, Haig Jr. closed one of his two locations to devote his full attention to his business located at Courthouse Road and Midlothian Turnpike.  In 1989 Haig Jr. married Anne Cathryn Hyden and the couple worked together until 1993 when Haig Jr. had to quit working to recover from cancer treatments that went amiss.  In April of 1999 Haig Jr. entered into a business agreement with Haig III.  For the next 7 months Haig III, owned and operated Kambourian Jewelers.  During December 1999, Haig III left the family business and Anne was able to return to work in partnership with her husband Haig.   Anne, Haig and Rebecca Kambourian staff at Courthouse Road and Midlothian Turnpike, Haig's Son and daughter, Melissa Kambourian owns a jewelry store located in Bon Air, a suburb of Richmond, Virginia.

To facilitate a large Special Order, Appraisal and Repair business and has invested in the finest tools and equipment.  The gem lab contains a Bausch and Lomb binocular microscope, refractometer, dichroscope, spectroscope, polariscope, heavy liquids, pennyweight scales, diamond balance, ultraviolet lamps, touch stones, test needles and acids for testing metals, and special lighting for accurate color perception.  Kambourians has Master Diamond set-Gemological Institute of America Report #1154 -that includes five master diamonds to facilitate assigning GIA color grades to diamonds we appraise.  In addition to the master diamonds, we have a tremendous number of gems and minerals on hand to use as comparison stones to aid in the identification and pricing of unknown gem materials. 

Kambourian's takes great care in the repair and appraisal services that it provides to its clientele.  Whenever possible, the Kambourians help the public work with insurance companines to determine the value of their jewelry.  When dealing with insurance companies the prices we quote are the fair market value of the jewelry in question.  The repair quotes we provide are intended as estimates based on the materials and labor necessary to restore the jewelry to wearable condition. 

Haig Kambourian learned the craft from Haig Kambourian, Sr. who received a very well rounded education working for German, Italian, French and Armenian Jewelers during the late 1920's and 1930's.  Haig's father Manual Kambourian (founder of M. Kambourian and Sons) was a jeweler prior to becoming a rug merchant.  Haig Junior is happy to have inherited many of Manual's tools and some of his equipment that was passed down to his son, Haig Sr. 

Anne and Haig  Kambourian feel that the best advertisements are a satisfied clientele.  The Kambourians appreciate your patronage and interest in the family business, and thank you for your kind recommendations of our business to your friends and family.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a challenging profession as emotionally rewarding as our jewelry business has become.   Please feel free to e mail or with any questions that you may have.  Again, we thank you for your interest!